About Us

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The Green Garden Café is situated inside the PurpleTulip plant nursery and has been created to be a green ‘Oasis’ in the middle of Fourways. We say ‘Put your feet on Grass and relax in the tranquility of nature’.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 5pm.

The Restaurant boasts a top class Chef and produces very tasty food and coffee for all at affordable prices.

Kids @ Play

The play areas in the garden have been designed for safety and security for the children whilst providing them with many fun activities. The play areas are shaded for sun protection and children supervised. We also provide popular games and activities of the past that Mum and Dad can also get involved and play with the kids:-

  • Two large sandpits and fun toys
  • Two skittle alleys
  • Boules
  • Croquet
  • Bikes, toys and games
  • Small kids roller coaster rides
  • Shallow splash feature to cool off in
  • Small kids train ride
  • Big Jungle Gym
  • Slides, swings, climbing frame

The Bedoiun tents are ideal for birthday parties and special events.


Whether you want to relax inside the tents in a formal Café setting or in an informal setting with cushions, low tables, bean bags, picnic blankets, hay bales the Green Garden Café provides and environment to relax and be sure the kids are safe and happy. Or play games to spend time and interact with the kids.

Currently not licensed we allow Bring Your Own beer and Wines (no hard liquor please).

We also from time to time run monthly events like the now annual December ‘Music and Magic at the Green’ with top performers.

The menu has been designed for all and we provide interesting specials from time to time taking the best from International cuisine.

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